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I hate getting up at stupid o'clock
in the morning!

Sometimes I forget that online
shopping costs real money!

My Motto:  "Work Hard and Be
Nice to People"

My super power is:  no one is Me!

My current advice is sometimes you
just have to forget about it . . .
and eat a cookie! has been in business since 2005
when we showcased our first "kookie" at a Youth
Bowl Championship Game in Mobile, Alabama.  
Thanks to our loyal customers, we kept creating
delicious confections for those special occasions!  We
take pride in the little details, and customer
satisfaction is at the top of our list.  The end goal is
not only a deliciously beautiful product, but making
life-long customers and friends. believes in having a philanthropic
spirit and enjoys giving back to the community.  We
have participated in several events over the years and
the sense of caring and "what it is to be human" gives
us an opportunity to exercise our values through
giving and volunteering.
who's your kookie lady?